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Your turn in the Sapna spotlight

We’re taking this moment to thank you, the Sapna reader, for making our magazine what it is. Sapna has come a long way from its beginnings on the University of Pittsburgh campus. We intend to keep growing as a platform for you, our devoted reader! This coming year will be all about making our site more about YOU. We’re doing more interviews, more spotlights and more reader-related features. We want to build a vast interconnected community across the U.S. and the world.

In that vein, we’re opening several blogging positions for individuals who are passionate about their South Asian heritage. We are so proud and excited to offer this position on our team! It’s a chance for you to stand up and share your voice with the entire South Asian American community.

What gets you going? Celebrity talent? Politics? Fashion? Through the years, the blog has covered topics ranging from single life to fashion trends to current events and opinions. It’s our favorite way to publish quick updates about arts and entertainment or fantastic internet finds. Our blog has no boundaries (as you can probably tell from this post). So what are you waiting for?

We’re looking for creative, driven bloggers with a diverse array of interests. If you’re our girl (or guy), hit us up at contribute[at] —SAPNA STAFF

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