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Women Entrepreneurs: Deepali Jarral, HealthCare CEO

Age: 28 Company: Astral Med Inc.,

“The hardest-working desi girl I know” were the words a colleague used to describe this self-proclaimed Delhi girl. Born in Jammu, Kashmir and bred in New Delhi, Deepali Jarral stepped onto American soil and into the heart of the Nation’s capital at the tender age of 17. Trading in her pleated school girl uniform for a pair of fashionable Levi’s jeans, Deepali didn’t realize her journey into the land of opportunity was just around the corner.

After pursing a degree in Computer Science from the University of Maryland, Deepali joined a Fortune 100 Company as a Software Consultant. The daily nine-to-five grind was a part of the everyday working world she had always dreamed to be a part of, but there was still something missing. Her work lack-ed the exuberance and flavor of what Deepali thrived for.

It wasn’t a stranger or a long lost friend who opened up that window of opportunity, but rather her biggest fan and role model who would come knocking on her bedroom door: Her own father. In his hand he held a business proposition to become his partner in crime for a medical sales company, Maryland Med Inc. It was a simple plan: Import medical goods from foreign countries and sell them to the millions of healthcare providers who are always in pursuit of finding the best, innovative products and services that are cost-effective and efficient to help those in need of a better life. Deepali would serve as the missing link be-tween the buyer and seller.

Two years of hard work and persistence is all it took for Deepali to catch the entrepreneurial bug and take over the company her father helped her flourish. Now known as Astral Med Inc., Deepali is proud to adorn the title of CEO. Today Deepali’s clientele includes hospitals and physicians within Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, and New York, and sales representatives in almost every region of the United States. With a 24/7 work week, Deepali com-bats stressful situations everyday as she continues to pursue her Masters in Health Care Administration.

What makes this Desi Women Entrepreneur stay on top? Her determination to remain focused on her goals and dreams to make her company a leading healthcare provider. Her encouragement to young desi women is to keep your head up and look past the ignorance of others who don’t share in your dreams. “After all,” she states, “You are the key to you own success!” – KAVERI VALLIAPAN

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