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When Did Etsy Get So Desi?

Most women from South Asian descent appreciate the quality of handmade. Growing up, my visits to the Indian subcontinent would mean returning with suitcases full of artisan crafted purses, saris, and salwars, all with intricate beading and hand done prints that were worthy of being in any couture collection.

As the world shifts from handmade garments to garment factories, businesses that support individual trade and skill rank high in our books. So it only makes sense that one of our favorite places to shop online is Etsy, an e-commerce website focused on handmade or vintage items as well as art and craft supplies.

Launched in 2005, the site has grown to seven million registered users and boasts $314 million in transactions in 2010. Founded by Rob Kalin, who at the time was a “marginally employed 24-year-old classics major with no money, no connections, and no knowledge of computer programming.” , according Inc Magazine, Etsy is the ultimate home for DIY lovers.

Another reason we love Etsy is that it makes it so easy to represent our desi style in new and innovative ways.

Sari Journal handcrafted by Etsy seller, Kreativlink

Reminiscent of Nani’s wardrobe, this sari bound diary is the perfect keepsake for your first journey away from home.

Indian Girl Matryoshka by Etsy seller, Amy Perrotti

This timeless classic, representative of Russian heritage, takes a desi twist in the hands of this Etsy seller. We love this print and can see it framed for a nursery or dorm room!

Gold Locket handcrafted by Etsy seller, vallery girl designs.

Do you have as much as an obsession with lockets as we do? Typically they can be found in a wide range of Victorian and European designs, but this locket inspired by henna is a rare treat!

Henna Stamp handcrafted by Etsy seller, sugarskull7.

This particular piece caught our eye because it blows away similar stamps that you can find in your local craft shop. Stamps are a wonderful tool for imprints and embossing. Whether you want to add some elegance to a wedding invitation or create an interesting border for fabric.


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