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Vlogger Spotlight: Deepa Berar Make Up

We’re a bit obsessed with beauty tutorials, at SAPNA, and recently we came across MAC veteran and beauty blogger/vlogger, Deepa Berar. Why we are “in like” with her? The professional production of her videos, her relateable and approachable demeanor, not to mention her easy to process directions are just a few perks of being a Deepa subscriber.

Deepa’s philosophy is simple, “A clean face is like a blank canvas; with makeup you can create art.” In each delightful video, she teaches you how to create art on a desi canvas, with directions easy enough for the novice artist.

If you’ve ever been frustrated trying to figure out how to place false lashes or how to perfectly line your eyes, check out Deepa’s video collection:

How to Conceal Dark Undereyes
How to Apply False Lashes
Priyanka Chopra Makeup Tutorial

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