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The Hook Up: How to Impress Her Friends

You probably all think that because of my brilliant advice about seducing members of the opposite sex that I must be very successful at meeting and dating women. That is in fact far from the truth, but I hope I have been able to give the illusion that it is reality.

However, one thing I am good at, which can actually be more useful than having girls fall for me at times, is getting their friends approve to approve of me enthusiastically.

I’ve been in many relationships in which the girl wanted to break up with me many times, but her friends did not let her because they liked me so much. This makes for an interesting relationship dynamic, and an endpoint that often includes me hooking up with one of the friends. But that’s a whole different story for a whole different magazine. In the mean-time, here are the ten steps I use to getting a girl’s friends to really like me from the initial seduction to the committed relationship.

Remember a simpler time in our lives when if you liked someone, you had their friend give them a note that said “Do you like, Neil?” and they had to check off either “Yes” or “No”. Well, I actually did that last weekend and it worked like a charm. Seriously though, girls love to set up their friends and play matchmaker. So if you are interested in someone and you happen to know one of their friends well, it never hurts to ask the friend about the girl you’re interested in. Then, if you end up dating the girl, the friend who gave you the info initially will always be in your corner, pulling for the relationship to work out.

SPICE UP THEIR LIVES. Girls are all about romance and sweeping them off their feet and long-stemmed roses and horse-drawn carriages, etc. Often times this initial romantic approach that we must take fades away when the relationship is more established and boring. However, if you throw in a little romance it will not only help you with the girl you’re into but also help you with their friends, who all like to live vicariously through her. This is especially great if some of the friends are in established relationships and romance to them is when there boyfriend wears a clean shirt.

GET ALONG WITH THEIR BOYFRIENDS. It’s always good to make the effort to get along with the other guys who are dating your girl’s friends. This is obviously not difficult since it usually just entails beer and football and talking about other girls, but it’s important to make the effort. Girls love it when all their boyfriends go off in a corner somewhere so they can be left alone to talk about shoes or whatever for a while.

COMPLIMENT THEM SHAMELESSLY. Flirting with your girl’s friends is a great idea if done correctly. The most important thing is always to flirt with your girl a lot more. But subtle compliments to her friends will make them all love you. Saying “you look really nice tonight” or “I really like your perfume” would be good examples. Less good examples might be something like “damn, your ass doesn’t quit” or “I wish you were a pony carousel outside Wall-Mart so I could ride you all day long for a quarter.”

BE A CHAMELEON. I am only metaphorically referring to the lizard which changes its skin color to blend into its surroundings. You should also be able to adapt to many situations because when attempting to bond with your girl’s friends, you may find yourself in a group of girls doing feminine things such as shopping, waxing, etc. It may be painful at times, but if you’re willing to accompany them all to Victoria’s Secret, they will all be impressed and therefore you may also end up very impressed in the end.

BUY A ROUND. A money move is definitely being the first guy at the bar to dip into his life savings and buy a round of shots for your girl and all her girlfriends. It’s a great way to start the night in a positive light in all of their opinions. Also, I’ve found one universal rule for every girl I’ve dated: All of her friends like me better when they’re drunk.

BE THE FIRST ONE ON THE DANCE FLOOR. One key to having your girl’s friends like you is for them to be just a little bit jealous that they’re not dating you. An easy way to do this is to jump out on the dance floor first even if it means doing the Macarena. If you’re a good dancer, you can always dance with the friends a little to really impress. And if you’re a bad dancer, just make sure you bought not only the first round, but several other rounds as well.

BE EVERYONE’S BOYFRIEND. Sometimes dating a girl with a lot of close friends can be a challenge because you’ll find yourself in a situation where you’re getting treated like everyone’s boyfriend, especially if your girl has single friends. This can be tough cause you’re getting passed around on the dance floor, holding multiple purses, listening to multiple girls complain about guys, etc. The only thing that really gets me through this is the very small hope in the back of my head that maybe your girl one drunken night might be into having multiple girlfriends with you, if you know what I mean.

PUT HER FIRST. If you follow these ridiculous steps I’ve given you, you will probably find yourself walking a tightrope between giving attention to the friends and giving attention to the girl. There’s only so much of you to go around, and it’s possible that your girl gets jealous because you dance with her friends too much or keep inquiring about the possibility of a threesome, etc. You just have to be very aware of your girl’s feelings and swoop in and say or do something nice just when she’s about to get mad. I would suggest asking someone else when the right time for this is since I always do it too late.

MAKE HER HAPPY. No matter what you do when the ladies are around, the majority of their opinion of you is made up when you’re not around and they’re together watching Sex in the City or Bollywood movies. It’s only then when you’re girlfriend compares you to Hrithik Roshan dancing in the rain or that guy on Sex in the City who was infamous for doing things with his tongue, that her friends will truly know you’ve made her happy, whether it be in the rain or in the bedroom. So practice your rain dance, tongue dance or whatever dance it may be, because in the end, bringing a smile to her face will bring you the ultimate respect and adoration of her friends. – ROMEO RAJ

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  1. Hey everyone, greetings from England. Does anyone have any advice on staying out of the “Friend Zone” with women? I’m really tired of women telling me they “just want to be friends.”

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