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The Girl on TV: Aashna Patel

Aashna PatelYou can officially stop channel surfing! The newest face on television is Aashna Patel. Formerly known for her work with TV guide, CNN, Extra (just to name a few), you can now find her the hob-knobing with celebrities, putting out her own album, and pursuing a promising acting career.

SAPNA: Do you consider yourself an Indian actor or an Actor of Indian ethnicity?

Aashna: I think they’re the same thing. I’m Indian and I’m an actor. It doesn’t matter to me which one comes first.

SAPNA: You just came back from the Cayman Islands . Tell us, how much do you love your job?

Aashna: I love being creative. It’s an incredible rush to take an idea and turn it into a show. I love the process more than anything. Grand Cayman was different from all the other places I visited because in the fall of 2004, Hurricane Ivan destroyed a lot of the island. It was so beautiful but much of the island looked devastated. I was also producing the show and it was a challenge to film a travel show there.

SAPNA: You’ve done a lot of celebrity interviews in your career, tell us about one that you just were blown away by, whether it be good, bad or even ugly.

Aashna: I have been blown away by a lot of people in my life, but one of the celebrity interviews that stand out is Bernie Mac. He’s one beautiful man. He allowed us to film all day and interview anyone we wanted. He spent hours with our crew showing us around and introducing us to everyone on the set. He really set the tone for the entire cast and crew. They all behave like a real family. There’s a lot of love on camera and especially behind the scenes.

SAPNA: You might seriously be the desi J-Lo, you’ve got a successful TV show, you’ve done movies and you even have an album dropping soon, how do you have the energy do it? Is it your Sapna, aspirations? Friends? Red Bull? What keeps you going? And is there anything you can’t do right now that you want to learn?

Aashna: Thanks for the compliment, but sometimes I think I spread myself too thin. I love to do so many things and I hate limiting myself. The energy seriously comes from passion. I love what I do. It’s that daily rush that keeps me going and moving forward. My close friends are like family to me and always support me even though many of them don’t really understand what I do. There are a million things that I want to learn that I don’t know how to make time for. I want to learn about many different people, cultures and languages around the world. I want to learn the Argentine Tango and I want to take 10 days off and learn to meditate at one of the Vipassana Centers. It would be great to take a break and quiet my mind.

SAPNA: What’s a typical Saturday for you?

Aashna: Saturday is my favorite day of the week. On the Saturdays I have off, I hike for a few hours, talk on the phone with my family and friends, go for a walk on the beach, cook dinner with my close friends or go out to one of our favorite local restaurants and either watch a movie or go dancing. I’m sure it’s not much different than yours.

SAPNA: Who is your celebrity crush and why?

Aashna: Crushes come and go for me. Right now, I have a crush on Jude Law. I also think he’s one of the most talented and versatile actors in Hollywood . He’s so intense and passionate on the big screen and simply irresistible.

SAPNA: What makes guys so irresistible? And what is the one thing men do that’s wrong?

Aashna: How much time do you have? Ha! The fact that guys are so incredibly mentally stimulating makes them irresistible. They give us women a totally different prospective on every topic imaginable . And how can I leave out a man’s face, his hands, his voice, his body, etc. Women aren’t the only ones that exemplify beauty. A man’s beauty inside and out is often under-rated. What they do wrong is that they allow their egos to get in the way. It prevents them from being truly open and fearless. And why do a lot of men say what they think women want to hear instead of what they mean? Hmm…

SAPNA: I’m also a fashion writer for Sapna, so I want to know, what do you think is the biggest fashion Don’t?

Aashna: Don’t follow trends unless it’s what you like to wear. I say wear what you want, what you can afford and what you feel comfortable in.

SAPNA: Being of a different skin color, do you ever get disillusioned by the “perfect” images around you?

Aashna: I don’t believe in perfection. I’ve been in the Entertainment world for a long time and a huge part of it is whether or not you have the right look. I think it’s important to stay healthy and look the best you can at auditions. America is a little backwards with these things and it’ll take time before this country embraces Indians on television. In Canada , Indians are all over the small screen. There are a few of us here trying to break down walls and make it smoother for future Indians on TV. I’m not disillusioned by any of it. It is what it is.

SAPNA: Tell me about someone you really admire.

Aashna: I admire my best friend, Chirag. We’ve been friends for nineteen years. He has supported me during some of the toughest times in my life. He always gives me a different perspective on every topic and helps me to grow. Chirag says what he thinks and despite how talented he is, he remains humble. Check out when you get a chance. — Paveni Reddy

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