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Strike a Pose: India’s Transgender Pageant

Tyra would be so proud (and not to mention Jay Manuel and Miss J)! Shaking their hips, striking a pose, captivating the attention of so many, all eyes were on the “Super Queen”, the first transgender beauty contest hosted in India. Just like America’s Next Top Model, the panel is stopping at different cities to find the first “Super Queen”, a competition they hope to launch with a group of 20 finalists on February 21st.

With nerves getting the best of them, the contestants took a little bit of time to get started, but once they started, the reserved nature of these women that was a result of being “in the closest for 262 years” went out the window! The contest proved to be a great platform for contestants like, Nishi Sheikh (pictured in top left), who walked in with the style of a fashionista, with confidence in her strides and dance steps…she was said to be “the Priyanka Chopra of the Community”. Not only did she have confidence in herself, but she wanted to stand out in her community by pushing the borders and doing international performances, and attending to her priorities of her family and herself, without societal inhibitions.

Laxmi Narayan, the organizer of the pageant, is an activist with a positive vibe to help these women. She hopes that with this contest, the transgender community will have more confidence in their sexuality, help them attain jobs in the critical mainstream community, and also help the community with awareness about HIV/AIDs.

The grand prize of the competition is $21,000, along with serving as a leader to raise awareness about human rights and HIV prevention.

One thing is for sure, no matter what gender you are, it’s clear that these women can work it! —MUNIA ISLAM

Photo: BBC News.

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