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Stargazing With Arjun

Photo Credit: Brian Would

We’ll be honest, we first heard of Arjun from the 16-year-old desi circles in the U.S., who have become obsessed with his music. He is a London-based singer, songwriter, and producer, of Sri Lankan origin. His songs are reminiscent of the simple R&B songs of the late 90’s, back when Usher made you wanna. They never sacrifice the feeling and prominence of the vocals, for a dance beat. Arjun says he’s “influenced by big U.S. producers, such as the Neptunes and Ryan Leslie,” which explains why we like to describe his sound as acoustic R&B.

In his short career, Arjun has already opened for legendary R&B groups, such as Jagged Edge and Blackstreet. His smooth vocals and dashing good lucks could make him competition for current R&B desi heartthrob, Jay Sean.

Show us the “Like” button, because we are already fans of this budding young R&B star. What do you think of Arjun?

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