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Spotlight on Rising Pop Artist Prita Chhabra

She’s performed the national anthem for the NBA, received the Excellence in the Field of Entertainment award, opened for Grammy nominee Eric Roberson, and performed at the Indian International Film Festival alongside renowned comedian Russell Peters. She has not only charmed fans globally with her debut Album “Spread the Word,” but she has also opened for an artist on the #1 Billboard Charts, R&B superstar Jay Sean. We should also mention that this was all done over the past year! So who is this girl that is rocking desi audiences worldwide? Prita Chhabra.

Listen to Prita’s sound! Choose from the playlist below:

For Prita, singing and song writing has come naturally since childhood. While living in Florida, she would often perform for Disney World; she has also worked with the major fusion band Josh who frequently collaborates with Nelly Furtado. She has toured and performed for thousands of fans and was recently featured on Entertainment Tonight Canada. Prita has also traveled to Africa to do grassroots level research on HIV/AIDS and since then has spent her spare time educating youth about HIV/AIDS awareness.

Sapna recently sat down with the songstress Prita Chhabra for a short interview.

Sapna: Who or what inspired you to be a singer/performer?

Prita: I would have to say Bette Midler. I heard her sing ‘From a Distance’ and I just wanted to be her! So I joined the choir right away! Her songs really lit a fire in my heart.

Above: Prita gets all dolled up with the help of Entertainment Tonight.

Sapna: Do you have a favorite singer?

Prita: …I’ve had a lot of favorite singers, from Bette Midler to Ace of Base to Our Lady Peace… Then on to Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men… Then Beyonce came out and I loved her! I have a variety of inspirations and I’m in a pop phase right now, but I appreciate a lot of different genres of music. I can tell you that my favorite band is Dave Matthews my favorite new artist is Bruno Mars.

“If you are doing something that you are truly passionate about, don’t stop doing it because you haven’t seen your desired results yet. Keep on having faith.”

Sapna: What are your goals in the next five years as a singer?

Prita: Wow! I would say to be happy, be successful financially from making my music and I would love to have a Grammy under my belt…

Photography by GLOW Studios.

Sapna: Best advice you’ve received thus far? Also, what advice you can give to aspiring singers?

Prita: At my recent award ceremony, a fellow recipient at the award ceremony came up to me and said he was truly touched by my speech of following my dreams and listening to the voice inside. He told me that to be successful, you just need to be in the top 10% percent of your field and you will be considered a success, it doesn’t matter what you do… That is what you should aim for. My advice to others would be ‘Just don’t stop!’ If you are doing something that you are truly passionate about, don’t stop doing it because you haven’t seen your desired results yet. Keep on having faith.

“[Opening for Jay Sean was] …One of the coolest experiences! All artists dream of performing on a stage that big!”

Sapna: What embarrassing songs might I find on your MP3 player?

Prita: I love Christmas music! The song ‘All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth’ by the Chipmunks!

Prita with pop sensation (and past Sapna cover model) Jay Sean. Photo courtesy of Prita Chhabra.

Sapna: What was it like opening for Jay Sean?

Prita: …One of the coolest experiences! All artists dream of performing on a stage that big! It was also very inspirational as well because Jay had been performing for 10 years before he went mainstream and started getting airplay. The atmosphere was amazing and exciting, but it was also very terrifying and nervous! His fans are awesome!

Dreaming up song lyrics perhaps? Photography by Bob Gundu.

Sapna: What hidden talents do you have?

Prita: People tell me I would be a great comedian and actress. I think I can make people laugh and back in high school we would do these big productions and I enjoyed acting very much.

Sapna: Do you enjoy singing and songwriting?

Prita: Yeah! I can’t separate singing and songwriting, but the songwriting is the most spiritual part for me. A melody or lyric will just come into my mind and I have to run to find a tape recorder to record or write it down. Sometimes a whole song will come all at once and that is what really makes me feel like I am meant to do this!

Cute and classic. Photography by Bob Gundu.

Sapna: Lastly, tell us about your new album. What kind of tracks can we expect?

Prita: Of course! I am working with the fusion band Josh and they are producing four tracks of mine. I would like to make… more of an Indian fusion album. The vocals will be English with a little Punjabi and Hindi lyrics mixed in and the instrumentation will be more Indian sounding with a bit of Western main-steam flare. We are working on a lot of collaborations with artists as well as producers. Check out my first release “Spread The Word” on iTunes and you can also check my website ( for new updates on the upcoming album! —BHAVNA JADONATH

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