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Sex and Stardom: Inside the World of Indian Adult Entertainer Sunny Leone

Penthouse CoverSunny Leone is a typical desi girl. She goes to parties, gets hit on by sleazy desi guys, and can’t seem to find that one guy who is 6-foot tall, super hot, smart, and has a great personality. But she’s not like any desi girl you’ve met before.

Sunny Leone is confident, intelligent, and has been posing nude for 6 years. She has used her celebrity status to support Senator Kerry for President and was named Penthouse Pet of the Year for 2003. How’s that for shock value?

When Sunny made it big in 2003, many guys (and a few savvy girls) did a double take, “She looks South Asian, but I’m pretty sure I’m reading Penthouse, not Stardust.”

Now her fame has spread, as has the knowledge that she really is an Indian girl from a typical Indian family, and Sunny has become the ubiquitous American star – seen by many but understood by few. Here at Sapna we promise to present to you South Asian-American women that are smart, sexy, and headed somewhere in life. No exceptions. On that note, we bring you Sunny Leone.

Warning: Sunny Leone is a professional adult entertainer, thus some links presented in the interview below are not suitable for readers under the age of 18.

SAPNA: What motivated you or pushed you to start posing for Penthouse?

Sunny: Well I started modeling when I was 18 turning 19. It had been something that I had always wanted to do. So I had pursued it. It just so happened that the nude modeling just worked for me. I tried it wasn’t as bad as people make it out to be. Got a lot more respect from people I was shooting with and made money. Eventually it just turned into a career.

SAPNA: How has the Indian community around you reacted to your posing? Do you associate yourself with the Indian community or not so much?

Sunny: At first the Indian community didn’t accept what I was doing very well. But as time as gone by people have started to respect me and see that I am not going anywhere and I enjoy what I do for a living. I get to travel the world, meet new people all the time and get to do things that no a lot of people get to do there entire life time. That makes me very fortunate with all the people that do like me. I love that I am Indian and I have never hid the fact that I am. There are a lot of people in the Indian community that don’t like me but I believe there are more that do like me. A lot of the young adults that I talk to are very supportive. That was something that I was blown away by with each Indian event that I went to. I have more girls come up to me wanting to hang out then I do boys.

SAPNA: I read that you are in college and are studying to be a pediatric nurse. It seems as though your two professions are highly unrelated, do you think that is how your life is like? A kind of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde situation?

Sunny: Over the past year I have focused so much on my site that I have had not alot of time for school. I wish I could but I figured that I would just work my booty off now and retire when I am 30. And if nothing else I will just volunteer my time at the hospital then being paid to help children.

SAPNA: I read in an interview with Peta Cooper on that you said “Being Indian is hard only because people see you differently.” What do you mean by that? Isn’t the view in the mirror the most important one?

Sunny: What I meant by that is people stereotype you. But that is with any person not just Indian. I think he rephrased that comment to sound bad.

SAPNA: You’re posed in a picture with several other models with shaving cream on your crotch and an american flag bikini. The caption at the top read, “Shave Bush.” So did you vote, and can I assume you voted for Senator Kerry?

Sunny: I am getting my citizenship to America this year. I will have duel Canadian/American so if I could have I would have voted that way. I believed in the cause and if that was all I could do to help prove a point then that is what I did. I couldn’t vote but I could definitely use my name along with the others to say what I wanted.

SAPNA:You had over 40 items listed on Christmas list on your website, how many of those items did you receive from your fans? And do you think that list was too much?

Sunny: I get e-mails from fans that are always asking me what they can get me. Well that is the perfect spot to go to see what I like to wear and have fun with. I have not received much and I am thankful for what I have received. I don’t need those things but it is definitely somewhere to start for a fan. I received the nicest gift today…a box of chocolates coming all the way from Belgium. That was more thoughtful then those items on that list. And I had something to munch on while I was working. Like I said it’s a starting point more then anything else. I love all those things and wished I could have them all but I am fine with just a card and chocolates…hehe!

— INTERVIEW BY Shaheryar Hafeez

Photo courtesy of Penthouse.

21 thoughts on “Sex and Stardom: Inside the World of Indian Adult Entertainer Sunny Leone

  1. props to you all for having the balls to interview her. she is a part of our community, like anyone else, and I was intrigued by her story

  2. I agree with Piya!

    But there seems that the questions are the same for questions that are different, not sure if that was intentional or accidental!

  3. Absolutely pathetic. In a further attempt to shamelessly copy America, desis are now glorifying prostitution.

    When will Indians, Pakistanis, Bengalis etc. wake up to realize that at some point dying to be like America is disgusting and pathetic. Indians have a rich culture, jewelry, clothes, music, art, poetry etc. America arguably has no culture at all. Very few morals. Many are completely uneducated yet these brainless mindless zombie desis cannot stop worshiping their American masters.

    This interview does not prove that desis are progressive and have an open mind…it proves that desis have no moral code of our own and in effort to kiss America’s a$$, we are glorifying prostitutes like this Sunny Leone.

    Wake up you losers. STOP DYING TO BE AMERICAN.

    Maybe every baitee, auntee, bhan, bivi, can grow up to be a prostitute like Sunny Leone as well. Shabaash!

  4. I dont think anyone is glorifying miss Leone. I really enjoyed this article, because it made me meet and understand someone that I certainly would never meet. She has her right to choose what she does with her body…do I think Porn is OK? Certainly not….but do I understand it exists? Yes….Am I intrigued by a desi woman who will forgo her cultural stigmas to pursue it? Yes

    And also, I AM AMERICAN. I was raised in this country, I will die in this country. America is not one color, or one creed…it is a melting pot of all backgrounds. I’m so tired of radical desis telling me I am not American.

  5. i am from INDIA and watching sunny leone from last 7 years am mad about her my no. is 09316885759 if see can talk to me

  6. I was browsing some adult link sites and came across this. Just wanted to send my compliments your way… Thanks.

  7. i just hate u rascal foolish a womens beauty in her clothes not in a nude ur body is look like a dust bin

  8. “Sunny days are here again”. Why did U choose Leone as your Stage surname ??? Anything to do with the Sierra Leone mountain range of which your own two mountains can give a “run for it’s money” ???

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