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Sari Trends From The Markets of Mumbai

We interviewed Khurshid Kazi, founder of Noor Collection, about her favorite sari trends found in the markets of Mumbai, India. The Noor Collection focuses on finding saris that are “trendy, feminine, and made to make a woman feel beautiful,” in the words of Kazi. As trends change every season, one thing that doesn’t change is that fabric is more popular than color and silhouette.  She shares her three favorite trends: Tussar Silk, winter white, and woven prints.

Tussar Silk

Photo Credit: SAPNA | Tussar Fabric

The hottest fabric is Mumbai this season is Tussar silk (also known as Kosa Silk). Traditionally, Tussar silk is colored with natural dyes so the color choices range from turmeric yellows, petal reds, and leaf greens. Tussar is a fine, durable fabric, but like all other types of silk, it is very vulnerable when it is wet. Dry cleaning is the safest option for Tussar. Remember, do not let your dry cleaned Tussar (or any silk for that matter) stay wrapped in plastic too long, as silks need to breathe.

Winter White & Ivory

Photo Credit: SAPNA | Winter White Sari

Beautiful fabrics of every kind can be found in the Noor Collection choice color of the season, winter white. In a sea of vibrant colors, winter white stands out as a regal shade. Many South Asian American brides now look for white saris, with heavy red accents, as their wedding day look of choice. It represents a fusion of their Western and Eastern upbringing.

Woven Prints

Photo Credit: SAPNA | Woven Print

Woven Prints are appearing everywhere in Spring 2013 Collections, but in Mumbai, the trend is getting its start this winter. Let the integrity of the fabric, and not the bead work, make the statement. These bold colors and prints, though trendsetting, are actually timeless.


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