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Profitable Use of Our Child Bearing Hips

Slate takes a look at India’s half-billion-dollar-a-year reproductive-tourism industry. “You can outsource just about any work to India these days, including making babies,” writes Amana Fontanella-Khan.  Why is India an ideal source for surrogates?

  • Surrogacy can cost up to $100,000 in the United States, while many Indian clinics charge $22,000 or less.
  • Very few questions are asked. Same-sex couples, single parents and even busy women who just don’t have time to give birth are welcomed by doctors.
  • Many Indians speak English and Indian surrogate mothers are less likely to use illegal drugs.
  • Medical standards in private hospitals are very high.

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Surrogates also profit, instead of selling a kidney they have the less permanent, and equally profitable, option of carrying a child. A typical surrogacy fee can be up to $ 7,000 US. “Surrogacy—Exploiting the Poor?” was the topic of debate on a very popular, talk show on India’s NDTV channel.  As this industry continues to flourish, new regulations are being discussed to protect the surrogate mothers.

Is India’s Rent-a-Womb industry exploiting the poor? or a safe, profitable trade for India?


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