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Make Your Facebook Pics Professional

Professional-looking Facebook photos are not just for the Photoshop-savvy. Here are some vital tips for looking great online. We’ve wittled it down to the camera, lighting, posing and use of online editing tools. Photography by Hana Ahmed


Most digital point-and-shoots or dSLRs will take a good quality picture. Keep your manual handy or pull up the online manual so you know how to turn off your flash, set the white balance, and use the and self-timer.


People love to use flash because it drowns out imperfections on the skin, but the lighting from your on-camera flash is flat and also washes out the color and detail of your fabrics. The perfect balance starts with finding a well-lit room; the best results are going to come from natural light, but it is possible to get decent results with artificial lights– just be sure to change your white balance appropriately. Some great places for natural light are near windows, open doors, and ofcourse outside. The goal is to find soft, even, natural light (think of the lighting on an overcast day), not bright harsh light.


Posing can be an intimidating process for the sheer fact that you don’t want to look…posed. Even if you aren’t comfortable posting posed images online, keep taking pictures of yourself. That’s the best way to learn how you should pose for your facial structure and body type! Not to mention, 30 years from now you’ll be happy of these pics from the golden years.

Online Editing Tools

Magazines and professional photographers use very expensive software to make models look flawless. Luckily, there are now many different online businesses that offer photo retouching software for free! Our favorite is Picnik. If you aren’t a Photoshop pro, you can bump up your exposures, adjust colors, retouch, resize and upload your images directly to Flickr and Facebook.

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