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Old World Meets Modern Day Fashion: Amrita Singh

“Accidental love” can often turn into a lucrative and creative business; as is the case of Amrita Singh. Graduating from Fashion Institute of Technology and completing the distinguished two year executive training program from Bergdorf Goodman solidified her passion and love for jewelry. Not to mention, Amrita worked with fashion greats such as Christian Lacroix and Oscar De La Renta, and was nominated by Fashion Group International (FGI) in ’06, ’07, ’08 for the Rising Star Award in the Fine Jewelry Category.

Her unique designs are inspired by her travels, meeting new people, experiencing new cultures and by taking in the global market. Initially, she was funded by “Bank of Dad,” but hard work, selling to small boutiques, attending trade shows and selling to bigger boutiques cemented her place in the jewelry world. Now she has her own e-commerce site; provides a major portion of her revenue besides wholesale buyers.

Trial and error perfected her jewelry line and meticulous research provided the perfect mesh of old world and modern day fashion. Her pieces add the perfect zing to any outfit and is a staple in every wardrobe. Curiosity of the unknown drives the woman that she is today and she plans on growing her line into a lifestyle brand which incorporates clothing, home furnishing and other things. She lives by her motto: where there is a will there is a way! -Swetha Amruthur

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