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My Makeup Bag

We’re constantly being bombarded with ads promising some miracle in a bottle, but we all know the best advice is the tried and test expertise of a close girlfriend. It’s time to dish on your faves inside your make up bag.

Let us know what’s the must have you can’t live without! Email and don’t forget to attach a pic!

“One makeup product I can’t live without is MAC’s Powerpoint Eye Pencil in “Tealo.” The teal/turquoise color is fabulous because it brightens the eyes and gives a more edgy look compared to your conventional black eyeliner. I would definitely recommend this product because the pencil is rich and creamy, making it easy to glide on, and it stays on all day without smudging!”
– Diviya Guleria
“The one make up product I absolutely cannot live without would have to be MAC’s lip glass in ‘Revealing’. This shade is so neutral and bare yet it leaves my lips glowing with a subtle sexiness. It looks amazing on Desi skin because it has a tone that helps bring out brown skin. All the girls admire it and the boys can’t get enough it. If you want to look sexy…you will try it too!”
Sapna Desai
“The one product that absolutely must stay in my purse at all times is Revlon’s Wet N’ Dry eyeliner, in black. When applied while it’s dry, it gives a more subtle look, great for the day time. But if I want a more dramatic look with most of the attention on my eyes, I slightly dab the pencil point in water, which gives more intensity in the thickness and color. This product is cheap (which is great because I go thru one every other week) and you can find it almost anywhere!”
– Sharmin Akhter
“There are two things I can’t live without, Covergirl Perfect Point Eye Pencil and Christian Dior, DiorShow Mascara. The Covergirl Eye Pencil is long lasting and is perfect for applying to your bottom eyelid. It makes your eyes look awake after a long night out! The mascara elongates your eyelashes without clumping. It looks very natural and brightens up the face. Both of these items make up my daily makeup routine.”
– Zainab Javaid
“I love NARS eye shadow pairs, especially in “Paris.” It’s great for a dramatic smoky look. Nobody beats NARS in brilliance and strength of pigments in eye shadow; it stays put all day and well into the night.”
– Tazeen Siddiqui

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