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My Makeup Bag: Model Beauty Picks

If you read Sapna Magazine 5 or 6 years ago, you might remember “My Makeup Bag.” Every issue, we’d feature readers or contributors and their favorite makeup picks. It was a great way to share tips on products that work well on unique South Asian skin tones!

Well, “My Makeup Bag” is making a comeback. In our first edition, check out tips from 3 models who made submissions to our Model Gallery.

Tarte Cheek Stain in “Flush” is aptly named “because it adds a tinge of color and wakes up your face, giving you this healthy all natural glow,” says model Shahnee Zaver. “The effect is as if you’ve just been for a run.” Shahnee is also ingredient-conscious: “Tarte products are chemical free, so I always feel good about using their line.”
Photo of Shahnee Zaver by Dasha Lushnikova

Photos of Shahnee Zaver (including feature photo, top of page) by Dasha Lushnikova. Find Tarte products at

Photo of Leah Kavita by William Hill

MAC Viva Glam Gaga Lipstick: Model Leah Kavita applies two coats of this lipstick on her lips and then tops it with a clear lip gloss. She also loves using this product with a lip brush to give her lips a tempting look. “Apply the lip brush to the lipstick then apply the coated lip brush to the lips,” she says. Using a lip brush can also give you better control when applying your lipstick.
Photo of Leah Kavita by Laura Rose

Photos of Leah Kavita: above, by William Hill; at right, by Laura Rose. Find MAC products at

Photo of Radhika Arora by Chantal Lawrie

Photo of Radhika Arora by Alain Martinez
Chanel Soft Touch Eyeshadow in “Black Star” is a shimmery shadow that model Radhika Arora applies around her eyes using Chanel’s angled liner brush. “You can simply use it to give your eyes…more depth,” says Radhika. For a smudgy look, she coats a base crayon or liquid-gel eyeliner with the shadow before applying. Since her eyes are sensitive, she loves that the product is hypoallergenic.

Photos of Radhika Arora: above, by Chantal Lawrie; at left, by Alain Martinez. Find Chanel products at

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Compiled by MARIAM KAMAL.

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  1. where are her credentials as a model ? the author of this article shouldn’t make such false statements for the readers.

  2. apparently you can upload pics and this magazine will select you as a model…it’s that easy.

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