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Mixing Old Culture with Old City

Twelve Gates Art Gallery found its home in the Old City a little under a year ago. The first South Asian Gallery in Philadelphia is the new home of the underrepresented South Asian Artists community. The founders, Aisha Zia Khan & her husband Atif Sheikh, find art that explores and relates the “rich history and culture” of the Indian Subcontinent. About 22 different artists have been showcased in the gallery, such as Daisy Rockwell and Partha Roy. In addition to displaying artwork they have film screenings, book readings, live music, and guest speakers.

They aim to promote a dialogue that crosses over from discussion to art appreciation, and bridges the gap between the local and international artists and art lovers. The gallery also serves to educate the greater Philadelphia community about South Asian culture through contemporary art.

The founders say “Many ancient cities in Europe and Asia were walled by fortified gates. These gates walled the ancient cities of Delhi and Lahore and inside these walls lay the heart of the city’s art and culture. Lahore has thirteen, Delhi had eight, Rhodes has seven and now Philadelphia has one.”

The current exhibition that includes Jennifer Narang, Nahid Raza, and Daisy Rockwell will run from January 1 – February 3, 2010. If you are in the Old City, why not stop by to get in touch with your artsy South Asian side!

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