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Mindy Kaling Suffers from FOMO

Mindy Kaling is funny. She’s proven that as a writer for NBC’s hit show, The Office, and she sometimes proves it as an actress. But with over 1 million Twitter followers and a highly quoted account, who are we to be critics?

Well the most famous desi girl in comedy is putting the final touches on her book, “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? And Other Concerns.” A chronicle of her adventures through FOMO (fear of missing out).

In her new book, Mindy (real name Vera) shares her observations, fears, and very strong opinions about life. “[My book is] short essays and comedy pieces. Some are a page. Some are a couple sentences. Some are two pages. That kind of thing.”explains Kaling.

A mixture of self-help and pure entertainment, Kaling’s book seems like a casual walk through her life. Kaling elaborates, “One of the titles is called “The 20 Things You Need to Do If You’re a Guy.” Another is “These Are the Photos in My Blackberry” and I just show all the photos in my Blackberry with descriptions. One essay is called “B.J. Novak” and it’s just talks about B.J. Novak so it’s just things like that. Actually, my favorite one is called “Don’t Peak in High School.”

Behind the Scenes: Mindy Kaling shoots her book jacket with photographer Autumn de Wilde at the Paramour Mansion in Los Angeles.

Listening to Kaling talk about her “No Strings Attached” costar, Natalie Portman, it’s easy to get an insight into Kaling’s personality. In a recent interview, Kaling shared,”… even though Natalie has been acting since she was like 10, in her heart, she’s just a nice Jewish girl from Long Island whose dad is a doctor and went to Harvard. She just felt like someone I grew up with. She’s so East Coast. Her parents really emphasized her education. I got along with her really well. She’s completely an unpretentious kind of girl.” Excuse me, Mindy, but that could come off as a bit pretentious.  Hopefully the editors will screen for that in her new book.

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