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Mac Those Lips For Every Occasion

Do you often find yourself at the MAC counter, diligently refraining from purchasing yet another lipstick? Don’t worry, MAC aficionados, you only need a few shades to carry you through any occasion. Here are the six MAC lipsticks every medium skin toned girl should have in her collection: Verve (Satin), Crème in Your Coffee (Cremesheen), Media (Satin), Spice it Up! (Lustre), Sheer Plum (Lustre) and Rebel(Satin).

On-the-Go | Photo Credit: Wajiha Ibrahim


You should always have Verve in your purse. The everyday muted brownish-plum color is polished enough for work and dramatic enough to elevate any evening attire. Apply a light coat for the day or layer it thick for the night. If you forget it, chances are, you can borrow the one in your MAC girlfriend’s purse, because for any skin tone, for any time of day, Verve is one color that fits all.

Yoga and Gym

Working out can be a drag, but who says you can’t look good at the gym? Don’t apply a full face of make-up, only to sweat it off. Instead, dab on the barely there pinkish Crème in Your Coffee. Paired with only a touch of eyeliner, you’ll look energized and ready to go. Your subtle lips will be as graceful as your Tree Stand.

Left: Girls' Night Out, Right: Yoga & Gym | Photo Credit: Wajiha Ibrahim

Girls’ Night Out

For the evening, wear Media, the deep wine red that makes the glamorous old-Hollywood red lips attainable for medium toned skin.  Pair it with shimmery light eye-shadow and cleanly lined eyes with full lashes and you’ll be both dramatic and classic all night long. Whether you’re dancing the night away or having a posh quiet dinner with your girlfriends, you’ll make a statement worth media attention.

On the Date

You should save the bold for your friends, but you can still Spice it Up!  on the date.  This sheer, warm brick red leaves just enough to the imagination.  Lightly coloring your lips, it looks great with both smoky and romantic, soft eyes. You don’t have to worry about lipstick stains on your coffee cup or dinnerware and you won’t be self-conscious about reapplying. Whether you’re meeting the crush that finally made the move or the suitable boy you eventually agreed to meet, this lip color won’t interrupt your flirtatious game.

From Left to Right: Signature Look, Coffee and Brunch, Spice It Up | Photo Credit: Wajiha Ibrahim

Coffee and Brunch

Come Sunday morning brunch when you’re ready to debrief about the weekend’s past, go Sheer Plum. The rouged, innocent, berry brown effortlessly brightens up a late morning face. With a rosy blush highlighting your cheekbones and soft brown eyeliner bringing life to your eyes, it will be the perfect disguise to those media red lips; your lips won’t tell what your club alter-ego was up to the night before.

Signature Look

Trust us, anyone can wear Rebel.  You may think twice before trying this vivacious magenta, but it’s all about the confidence. Wear it with solids or printed fabrics with cool tones. The surprisingly, versatile color complements the bright details of your sari and salwar kameez, your vintage fall leather jacket and jeans assemble, and even your floral summer dress. The bold look will impress, fooling everyone that this is your signature color and yours alone. Little will they know that they too can be a rebel.

“Back to MAC”- Mac recycles! When you collect six empty containers, bring them back to MAC and you’ll get your seventh MAC lipstick for free.


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