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It’s a Tiffin World

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It’s 1 p.m. on a yet another weekday afternoon. As your colleagues start munching on their tuna salads, sushi, or gourmet sandwiches, your mind drifts off to another world. A world of fresh baked naan, creamy saag paneer, spicy chicken tikka.

“It’s not fair!” you cry out. Perhaps you spoke too soon.

Across America, word of the tiffin is spreading. If you’re a lucky denizen of New York or Philadelphia, you too can have a tiffin. Tiffin New York and Tiffin Store, respectively, will save you from your lunch doldrums. But it’s not your grandpa’s tiffin. After logging online, you select the day, time, and location of delivery, place your order, and voila, the tiffin is delivered hot and fresh to your door. You can choose from such goodies as bhindi masala, saag paneer, tandoori chicken and there’s even tofu options for the veggie. Meals come with rice and/or chapattis of course. All for under $10. Delish!

And the meals are trans-fat free to boot. To say this is genius might be an understatement.

Now if I could only get gulab jamun with that.


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  1. Hey! The New York site doesn’t work. Do you have a link to the actual website?


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