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Runway Model Hits Fashion Week… Bald?

Indian Model, Diandra Soares, graced Lakme Fashion Week with her new look, a completely shaven head. With the pressure that Indian women have to maintain long luxurious hair, her actions can be called nothing short of bold.

Asked why she cut it off, Soares responded, “I did it first 10 years ago, and I just thought I have to do this again, I need to do it now. It’s just a personal thing, it’s nothing to do with…” She refrained from finishing her sentence, but the obvious answer could be making a statement. A statement about breaking stereotypes or a statement about publicity stunts?

Either way, Soares pulls off the look incredibility well. Anyone feeling ambitious?


One thought on “Runway Model Hits Fashion Week… Bald?

  1. Wow, that’s takes a lot of confidence and courage! I think it also works if you’re stunningly gorgeous as well.

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