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How to Use Bronzer on Dark Skin Tones

For many desi girls, bronzer is a foreign concept. A product used to make your skin darker would be an unheard of addition to our mothers’ make up routine. But what our mothers didn’t know is that bronzer is the ultimate tool for sculpting and highlighting facial features. Want to slenderize your nose? Bronzer! Want to define your cheekbones? Bronzer! Want to draw attention away from a double chin? You got it. Bronzer.

Bobbi Brown in Deep. This matte bronzer has a caramel brown undertone for gorgeous contouring. $35

Find Your New Best Friend

Pick Your Shade. Our experts say that “one to two shades darker than your natural complexion” is the way to go. The intention is to create an illusion of shadow, so a shade too light or a shade similar to your skin tone won’t work. For the purposes of contouring, we prefer a matte shade, with little shimmer/shine.

Formulation Matters. For dry skin, find a cream or gel bronzer for your skin type. If you have normal to oily skin, a powder formulation would have the best effect (Bare Minerals Warmth, $19)

Fall in Love

For Contouring: Face feeling puffy from a long night of mango lassi shooters? Using a contour brush and bronzer will give you supermodel facial structure.

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For All Over Warmth: What? You want to make your skin darker? Hai baba, you are so modern. Here is how the magic happens: for powder bronzer, use a fluffy brush that applies powder broadly. Sweep on your bronzer everywhere the sun would hit: the temples, cheeks, along the hairline, the top of the nose, and the chin. Once the bronzer is applied, use the brush to blend, blend, blend, so it looks like a natural tan. For cream/gel bronzer, spot apply and blend!


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