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How to Get Eyes Like a Goddess

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. How are your drapes shaping up? Next time you’re prepping for the big night or the big day, take advice from MUA Saleha Abbasi, and fashion eyes like a goddess. Photography by Saleha Abbasi


1. Apply eye cream. I recommend “All About Eyes” from Clinique. It will get rid of puffyness and dark circles.

2. Gently apply concealer all around the eye area. Make sure to get in the inner corner. I like “Studio Finish” from MAC because it camouflages and also has spf 35.

3. Smooth on “Primer Potion” from Urban Decay all over eyelid and up to the brow bone.


4. Take an eye shader brush (I prefer MAC’s) and dip it into a green eyeshadow (you can substitute the colors). Apply on your lids only, not all the way to the top.

5. Clean off the brush, then take either a really light gold or silver and apply on the eyebrow bone as a highlighter.

6. Then take a contour brush (I recommend Smashbox) dab it into a dark purple shade and create a “C” shape on the corner of your left eye into the crease. Then it is very important to blend all the colors. This brush will be helpful for blending. Repeat on the other eye (the other way around).


7. Line inner eye with either Kajol or black pencil eyeliner.

8. Line your eyelid with a cream liner by placing your pinky on your cheekbone to get a steady line. You can extend the outer corner for more of a catty look. I recommend cream eyeliner from Clinique.

9. Apply any dark eyeshadow with a thin brush to lower lid and smudge.

10. Finish off by curling your lashes and applying mascara. I recommend “Dior Show” by Dior.

Saleha Abbasi is one of the few elite makeup artists in the Chicago land area.  She is known for creating spectacular eye makeup for her clients filled with exotic colors and designs. Founder of Goddess Makeup, her signature eye makeup makes her brides and party goers look and feel heavenly.

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16 thoughts on “How to Get Eyes Like a Goddess

  1. Goddess is a very general term. I think I would have liked more romantic colors, and not bright green.

  2. Saleha is truly talented! She can personalize makeup to your personality however you like it!! Take her advice and tweak it to however bright or mellow you want your look to be!

  3. Just about two weeks ago I came to find out who Saleha was. My first impression is that she seems to know what she is doing, She have artistic vision and her makeup doesn’t look like it’s overdone. As a photographer myself I see these thing with keen eye and notice every detail and perfection and I think Saleha Abbasi seems to be a rising star.

  4. I got a prb with my inner linner makeup it never stay as I put it get disappears… plz help…

  5. Amazing makeup, I am a local Chicago promoter at a high end lounge in Chicago downtown and I would love to have my staff get dolled up by Goddess Makeup for a photoshoot. Her work is soo unique and mesmerizing, she will definitly be getting a call from me. Thank you Sapna Magazine for providing this article, I would love to see more articles on makeup advice from Saleha.

  6. Hi everyone!
    Thank you so much for all the support :)

    Uzma, Clinique makes waterproof cream eyeliner..That should last you through the tears!

    Gullaly, You should try using Kajol instead and make a really dark line. I recommend Hashmi kajol.

    Hope these tips come in handy!!

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