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Sapna Magazine’s mission is to provide an innovative online publication that meets the highest industry standards. Our readers, the women of the South Asian Diaspora, are affluent and brand-conscious. Align your business with Sapna Magazine to reach your target demographic.

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I’m a huge fan…As a South Asian girl, I absolutely love and appreciate reading every single thing in [SAPNA]! I’m sad I didn’t hear about it sooner!
—Anjli Patel, Washington, DC

“[You] actually talk about things that make sense to me, not just any garbage like in all other magazines.”
—Natashah, San Diego, CA

“Your articles are intelligent, informative, and fun. Keep up the great work.”
—Neepa, Chicago, IL

“I love your magazine. Finally my prayers have been answered!”
—Simi, Fairfield, CA

“Love that you cover stories others don’t! I think it’s so nice to cover Indian Women in all aspects of entertainment and that is awesome that you [do] that.”—Noureen DeWulf (actress), LA