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Google Prefers Hindi Music

Every time we come across Google Labs, we find a new treat. Luck would have it that our latest find is of Bollywood proportions! Google is experimenting with “Google Music” and the only genre available at this time is Hindi music. Googlers can listen to thousands of full songs from Google’s partners, saavn and saregama.

Google Music is a streaming service that users can access from Web-connected devices. Google hopes to expand their library and release Google Music as a new product this year.

One thought on “Google Prefers Hindi Music

  1. Great news about Google music.This music includes an online music store
    within Android Market that
    provides à la carte digital downloads of albums and tracks.Google music
    can be streamed on the web and any device, and even stored for
    offline listening on a mobile device. You’ll be able to access your
    songs on up to 10 authorized devices per account. 

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