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Eco-Friendly Fashion Goes Glam

Green is not the new black, green is the new glam. Welcome the new season with inspiring eco-friendly fashion that will make you feel beautiful inside and out.

Make a statement at your next gala or formal affair by illuminating the room in gold. If you are a hippie “flower child” at heart – go with abstract floral patterns mixed in with royal elegance. Dress by L~Shandi Design, head ornament courtesy of Ginger Boutique, bracelets by Desire Collections.

Been around the world? Get the “jet-setter” edge by mixing up scarves and vibrant colors with a pair of eco-friendly jeans, which is sure to say your fashion influences come from near and far. The unique flower neckline is handmade, prepared in fair trade conditions in cottage industry setting in a Indian village. Nina Blouse by Ojasvy, Eco-Friendly jeans found at Ginger Boutique, earrings by Desire Collections, sustainable scarves by EnvieMe, shoes are vintage.

There is a global goddess in all of us. Work the flirty one strap and accent with a sustainable scarf as a shawl. The dress is inspired by the traditional saree and the detail hand embroidery was done in cottage industry setting in a village in India. Preeti dress by Ojasvy, earrings from Desire Collections, bracelet from Chaubara Fashion Studio, sustainable scarves by EnvieMe, shoes are vintage.

Work the flower power. Fashion is art, using translucent scarves as an effortless sash is a timeless way to take any simple one piece to the next level. Bryna dress by Ojasvy, earrings from Desire Collection, sustainable scarf by EnvieMe, shoes are vintage.

Art Director: Natasha Khan
Photographer: Tony Veloz
Make Up: Ayesha Gilani, Limelight Beauty Artistes
Hair: Patricia Purvis
Stylist: Aditi Shekar
Models: Samira Khan & Yaminee Sharma

18 thoughts on “Eco-Friendly Fashion Goes Glam

  1. This is fantastic! Its great to see that “eco-friendly” products can be intertwined into one’s entire day. Not to mention, the clothes are gorgeous!

  2. these ladies are truly beautiful. I have to say, this is the first time I am seeing eco-friendly clothes I would actually wear. yay…the green movement is not just for hippies

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