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Destination: Road Trip

Good morning, Ladies! It is approximately 10 a.m. On behalf of SAPNA we thank you for choosing us as your choice of transportation. Apparent road conditions at this time look fair with a chance of congested traffic due to construction around the parkway. Your estimated time of arrival is 5 p.m. Please buckle up for safety. No headsets will be provided since the BOSE sound system will adequately provide ear-piercing beats chosen by your chauffeur. Please turn off all cell phones as it might cause ROAMING charges from current or ex-boyfriends. Once your driver has parked the vehicle feel free to unbuckle your seat belt and collect your belongings. Your first stop:

Attire: Preppy School Girl
Mission: To capture the beauty of American culture while basking in the sun

Picturesque of the all-American dream. With colonial style homes monumenting the ever-so-classic American lifestyle, it’s no wonder that so many people spend their summers on the beaches of the Cape. But the Cape has more to offer then it’s time-honored tradition of a life of luxury. Part of your mission will be to travel down the Old King’s Highway—State Route 6A. A 40 mile windy stretch of road that will bring you much gratification—at least in knowing that you are just as capable as your male counterpart of handling any motor vehicle. Sprinkled with beaches, museums cafes, antique shops and boutiques, Cape Cod allows you to carry a piece of Vintage America back with you. And the best part—you don’t need any directions—its one long road!

Attire: Casual. Loungey & Constraint Free (the chocolate melts in your mouth
Mission: To eat as much chocolate as your little heart desires.

You’ve entered the world of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory—a girl’s dream comes true. No need to make that midnight walk over to the Seven Eleven to satisfy those nagging chocolate cravings. CHOCOLATE IS EVERYWHERE!

While on your tour of the chocolate haven, part of your mission will be to visit Hershey’s Chocolate World. You will learn everything you need to know from the coco bean to the milk chocolate bar. After your vigorously intense course on Chocolate 101 please make your way down to the Chocolate Spa for a refreshing and mind-relaxing experience. It’s more than just breathless views of the Hershey Gardens, “the spa is a sanctuary where chocolate is not just a treat to eat, but a necessary ingredient for innovative spa treatments such as the Whipped Cocoa Bath, Cocoa Butter Scrub, and Chocolate Fondue Wrap.”

Attire: Sporty Spice
Mission: To divulge in the art of athleticism in order to dissolve the extra poundage required during your stay at the Chocolate Factory (you’ll need it for your next stop)

History has definitely made its mark on this eastern coastline, but the shores of this historical landmark have also been known for its golf courses, beaches, tennis courts, and outdoor activities. 12 miles of sparkling beaches adorned with boutiques, marinas and nature preserves will make you want to stay forever. Your next mission will be much more challenging, requiring you to be one with nature. Sun bathing and people watching can always be interesting but every girl at one time or another has wanted to feel the excitement of a carefree day. That’s right—take off the makeup and don’t worry about the frizzy hair day ahead of you. Get into the water and under the sea. Scuba diving, kayaking, parasailing, and jet skiing will relax you in more ways than you thought possible. After your day with the dolphins a bike ride down the beach will help you tone those Beyonce abs, and relax you for your next destination.

Attire: Sensual, sexy, and sleek
Mission: To luxuriate immensely while enjoying the sun-drenched gifts of mother nature with your alter ego

Named as one of the most beautiful drives in the United States, The Overseas Highway connects the mainland to a chain of islands called the keys. 113 miles of roadway and 43 bridges the drive will make you wish you bought more batteries for your camera. Your mission is simple: Since the highway is one stretch of unforgettable scenery you will want to take the time to enjoy it with your closest friends and better halves. After all, a scenic drive with your con-fidants that takes you to paradise is no better enjoyed than with a picture perfect moment. So ladies, please remember your camera. The Florida Keys have much to offer—from water sports, to shopping and dancing the night away on the beach—you are sure to remember this as Paradise.

With that, I bid you adieu. BON VOYAGE!


Ladies, we thank you for joining us on a trip down the East coast. We hope you had a good time—and remember to choose SAPNA as your choice of travel. – KAVERI VALLIAPPAN


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