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Desi Fashion Gone Wild West

What do the vibrant colors of desi fashion and the rough and tumble style of the Wild West have in common? Before this photo shoot, very little. Traditionally, leather, boots, hats, and jeans would never be incorporated into South Asian fashion. But this unconventional photo shoot pushes the boundaries and brings them together.

Bar Maid Beauty. There definitely is not enough bad ass in Bollywood when it comes to female leads. This outfit channels the flirty yet feisty bar maid fashions of the Wild West. Chaubara Fashion Studio Midnight Blue Sari, with vintage lace gloves and faux leather boots.

Sexy on the Range. Who knew that Salwar pants and boots would make fashion harmony? The baggy hammer pants are everywhere – from the runway to Forever 21. Take this fashion item back to its roots, the bottom half of your Salwar set. These vibrant turquoise blue salwar pants from Chaubara Fashion Studio are the perfect compliment to brown cowboy inspired boots, a vintage hat and tee, and an equally enticing turquoise and oxidized silver necklace and earring set from Chaubara Fashion Studio.

Urban Cowgirl. Maybe we can’t all afford one-a-kind originals for a night out on the town, but we have the next best thing, pieces from our one-of-a-kind desi outfits. Green hand beaded top from Chaubara Fashion Studio, jeans and gold belt from Ginger Boutique.

Red Dot & Feathered. Delicate black feathers add an elegant touch to your final look. It can be played up or down, depending on the quantity and colors used. Clothing from Chaubara and accessories from Ginger Boutique.

Art Director: Natasha Khan
Photographer: Tony Veloz
Make Up: Ayesha Gilani, Limelight Beauty Artistes
Hair: Patricia Purvis
Stylist: Aditi Shekar
Models: Samira Khan & Yaminee Sharma

Special thanks to Smith Family Farm.

14 thoughts on “Desi Fashion Gone Wild West

  1. This was soo random and fun! I love that you guys tried something different. Props for that.

  2. I visited Chaubara’s website after seeing this, they have really great stuff…though I am not a fan of the “dark” bar clothes with dark make up is too old school Rekha for me.

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