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Bollywood on Olympic Ice, Not Team India

It’s official! The winter Olympics has greeted the Bollywood community with very welcoming arms. U.S. ice skaters, Meryl Davis, 23, from Bloomfield Hills, and Charlie White, 22, from West Bloomfield, took first place in Vancouver, performing Kajra Re, Silsila Yeh Chaahat Ka, and Dola Re Dola.

Inspired by a Hermes scarf and Indian dancers, Marina Zoueva, the coach, knew Davis and White absolutely had to do a Bollywood original to really stand out in Vancouver. When this was proposed to the pair, they instantly fell in love with the concept and went straight to work. They researched Indian culture with the help of BollyFit owner, in Ann Arbor Michigan, Anuja Rajendra, who incorporates different Bollywood music and dance steps with exercise. “It was important for us to be able to get into the character and be able to understand why we’re doing the moves we’re doing and what it represents,” White said. “It definitely makes it easier to get across to the audience and judges if you know what you’re doing and why doing it.”

After working tirelessly, Davis and White took their newly learned Bollywood dance moves back to Zoueva, who then choreographed the routine that Rajendra saw as Indian dance moves that “could translate onto the ice”. “The dancing itself off the ice is quite tough,” Rajendra said, “To maintain the grace but also the athleticism on the ice, it’s remarkable.”

The entire performance was unbelievably graceful and the routine was truly flawless. Be proud Desi’s, it was only a matter of time before Bollywood would take over the ice! —MUNIA ISLAM

One thought on “Bollywood on Olympic Ice, Not Team India

  1. Bollywood dancers probably would not make so much body contact, that took away from the authenticity. But I generally liked it. :)

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