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Bollywood Dreams… In Ontario?

Calling all actors and actresses: your dreams of becoming the next Shah Rukh Khan and Aishwarya Rai are a Bollywood acting school away. North America finally has a “government-backed Bollywood acting school” in Missisauga, Ontario, which hopes to “capitalize on the region’s booming South Asian population.”

Acting students Maya Noel (R) and Bhupendra Mane participate during a class in a Bollywood film acting course. Photo by Mark Blinch for Reuters
Acting students Maya Noel (R) and Bhupendra Mane participate in a Bollywood film acting course. Photo: Mark Blinch for Reuters
The program, currently at the Canadian Institute of Management and Technology, will be giving their first set of Bollywood acting diplomas to students graduating in April.
The program director, Lucky Sanda, wants to provide opportunities and a platform that will integrate these South Asian actors into a variety of “TV ads and films to represent the changing population” and has had many production companies contact him about the future actors and actresses from the institute.
Sanda recognizes that “the demand is there, we just have to create the supply”. With a South Asian population of 5.5 million people in the greater Toronto area, there is much potential for Canada, “Hollywood North”, to become “Bollywood West”.
Currently, the program has 11 students, four women and seven men, ranging from 18-48, who wish to pursue their dreams of becoming Bollywood actors and actresses. Nav Mand, a 25-year old personal trainer, is currently a student in the program and never really had exposure to Bollywood movies and instead he “grew up watching Hollywood films,” so he sees this as an opportunities to “embrace his culture” and pursue his dream of becoming an actor.
Others are trying to make-up lost times to pursue their dreams, such as 39 year old Hassan Lakhani, was unable to pursue his dreams because of family obligations, and Nithin Patel, a 48-year old civil engineer, who had the opportunity to be in Indian and Canadian theater, but was only recently able to further his dreams by receiving a government grant to attend the school.
The Bollywood diploma program is a 16-week program that has officially been approved by the Ontario’s Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities. The average cost of the progam is C$9000 for Canadians and C$13,000 for international students. After graduating from the program, the students are guaranteed membership to the Senior Artists Association in Mumbai, in additional to an optional tour of the film industry there. Moreover, Sanda plans on providing networking opportunities for his students during the International Indian Film Academy Awards (aka the Bollywood Oscars).
The future of Bollywood now rests in the schools of Canada! —MUNIA ISLAM
Photo credit: Mark Blinch, Reuters. More here: The Montreal Gazette

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