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Vogue India rocks sari-inspired Vuitton

Weeks after Louis Vuitton launched his sari-inspired Diwali collection, the dresses get the ultimate thumbs-up from the East: A feature on the cover of Vogue India. It’s admittedly a little odd that it’s on the cover of “The Sari Issue”; Vogue plays this off with a corner headline reading “The Sari Goes Global!” An actual sari might have been more relevant, but Vuitton’s bustier silk dress looks so sumptuous that it doesn’t seem to matter. (Check out the cover below: You can practically hear the tantalizing rustle of fabric.)

Star Priyanka Chopra posing in a Diwali-inspired frock by Louis Vuitton. Photo: Vogue India, Condé Nast Publications.

According to Vogue India, the worldwide network of Louis Vuitton stores will be celebrating Diwali from November 5th, 2010. “This very joyous occasion globally commemorates the special relationship Louis Vuitton has shared with India over the years,” Latha Sunadh posted on today. In addition, “Louis Vuitton will re-edit 40 pieces from the Spring/Summer 2010 and Fall/Winter 2010 collections using the fabric from authentic ‘vintage’ saris sourced in the cities of New Delhi, Bombay, Bangalore, Madras and other cities in India.”

It certainly seems that Mr. Vuitton is infatuated with the same gorgeous silks and jewel-inspired hues that we are! And it seems inevitable that there are more international “oohs” and “aahs” to come. —MARIAM KAMAL

Diwali-inspired fashion by Louis Vuitton.

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