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The Muslim Punk Rock Revolution

Remember that awesome article about the Kominas? Well their genre is now introduced in the MTV trailer for the movie: The Taqwacores. From the words “taqwa”, the ability of a Muslim to love and fear Allah, and the word hardcore, which is a subgenre of punk rock, comes the word taqwacore. The Kominas and the Sagg Taqwacore Syndicate are popular and growing Islamic Punk Rock bands. Contributing to the movie, the Komina’s track “Blow Shit up” is featured in the trailer! So the “fictitious Islamic punk rock scene” that Michael Muhammad Knight once envisioned no longer only exists on the pages of his debut novel and will be participating in the 2010 Sundance Film Festival.

The movie trailer shows the different perspectives of being a Muslim, best said from the trailer: “So is everyone here Muslim?” “…from a certain point of view.” From the pages of DIY zine, to the MTV trailer, let’s see what kind of trouble this college kid gets into!

Oh, and did I mention that the movie also stars the gorgeous Noureen DeWulf?