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Surfing the Desi Bridal Web

Are you frustrated by the lack of resources available for the modern South Asian American bride? As a bride-to-be, I certainly was. As I poured over western bridal magazines, I start to lust for a quality South Asian equivalent. My quest led me down a rabbit hole of random desi clothing sites and noneducational desi portals, but when I came out, I had a few gems in my cyber pocket.


Credit: Marigolds & Mithai

Marigolds & Mithai

From dupatta setting perfection to amazing giveaways, the content on Marigolds and Mithai pulls together everything beautiful about desi weddings with a modern touch. If you are looking for the traditional gold and red wedding theme, look elsewhere, because the ladies behind the site have a fresh take on desi weddings.

The Sari-Clad Brid

There are so many traditions to remember during a desi wedding. Sari-Clad bride does an excellent job of summing up many of the events and traditions from parts of India and Bangladesh. They are also a great resource for snooping around real weddings!

South Asian Bride Mag

This is a great site to check out bridal fashion! It will cut your bridal outfit browsing time in half, because the minds behind SAB scour the net for the best celebrity fashion and what’s on the pages of Indian Vogue.

Wedding Bee Bloggers

One of our favorite desi bloggers on the well known site, the Wedding Bee, is Mrs. Jasmine. You can take a peak at her “wedding story” and see the details of her preparation. Wedding bee is a great resource for swapping ideas and materials!

The Knot – Indian Weddings

The Knot is the ultimate wedding portal on the web, and lucky for us they tag their content by theme! Browse the pictures tagged with Indian wedding, and you’ll find a few inspiring color palettes and DIY projects. Also, the Knot also has a portal dedicated to Indian weddings with articles about traditions, decor, and all the must haves.

Photographer/Planner Websites

Credit: Punam Bean

I’ve found that browsing the photo gallery of photographers and wedding planners that do a great deal of South Asian weddings is a great way to find ideas on decor, light, clothing, hair, and all the other touches that make your wedding so special! I’ve listed some of my favorite photo blogs to stalk!

Facebook Fan Pages

Most websites and blogs now have a Facebook presence. Do a search for what ever you bride-to-be heart desires, whether it be mandaps, Indian wedding decor, or desi bridal make up. You are sure come up with fan pages and group pages full of photo inspiration. Check out some of our favorites!

Royal Charms
Shaadi Sapne Mandaps & Decor
Bangladeshi Bridal

25 thoughts on “Surfing the Desi Bridal Web

  1. PS. I also love FLICKR! If you search keywords in flickr, you usually get a ton of images. :)

  2. Maharani Weddings is great, especially because it features real weddings. I also like Red White and Diamonds because it’s about a real bride planning her own wedding and she gives some really neat ideas.

  3. I love this resource page!!! We specialize in ethnic wedding planning and designing and would love to part of your resources! Also having this list is great for suggesting ideas and places to look for your brides! I am planning on re-posting this list on my blog as well, so my Indian brides can find some awesome inspiration!!!

    Thanks again,

  4. wow! thanks for all the information! The newly launched caters to all your wedding related fashion needs! It features a range of affordable Designer Clothes and accesories which can be customized and ordered online, and delivered the world over! Check out :)

  5. REally helpful post! Im passing it on to all my friends getting married this year, there are 4 of them!


    You should check this resource out too! It has just been created but in a few months it will most definitely be the place where South Asian brides can go to be inspired during their wedding planning!

  7. Hi, I found your post really helpful. It helped me all the way in completing my assignment, I am also giving a reference link of your blog in my case study. Thanks for posting such informative content. Keep posting

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