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Vandana Makker

Vandana Makker | Contributor Vandana Makker is a high school English teacher and a board member of South Asian Sisters, a Bay Area-based women’s collective. She enjoys bargain hunting, travel, cheap eats, and celebrity gossip. Vandana’s secret powers include the ability to type really fast with one hand and memorize random trivia (though not necessarily […]_Read on!

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Navigating the “Desi Multiplicity” with Author Abha Dawesar

Those of us who are imports to this country, even several generations removed, often feel as though we exist in multiple spaces, multiple cultures, and multiple realities, or, more often, in the spaces between them. For desis, that can be a lot like cooking up some aloo, gobi, or chaat—a varied blend of spices that, […]_Read on!

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