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Summer 2009 Evening Wear

Designs by Akira, Adebayo Adesina, The Goldsmith and Nika Le Butik.
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If your taste is high drama, get this edgy layered look.Take on tribal prints with this mini-dress featuring unique ruffle sleeves.Be on trend with big prints.Pair harem pants with a tailored blazer.
Create simplicity with basic pieces that make a huge impact.
Re-invent the little black dress with these sexy rock star metallic accessories.Keep it sleek with svelte dresses and ornate leather belts.Show off great legs with above the knee dresses which have some flow.

Art Director: Vaishali Rao
Photographer: Billy Rood of Fig Media.
Stylist: Justin Minn
Hair & Makeup: Sierra Minn
Models (in order of appearance): Rashi Stephens, Joy Basu, Salma Khan, Shweta Sharma, Meghna Agarwal

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  1. love the funky new format! are these girls from Chicago? I think I recognize some of them. hehe

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