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Rosena Sammi: NYC Attorney Turns Jewelry Designer

Rosena Sammi
Rosena Sammi

A young corporate lawyer practicing in New York City sets her sight on designing jewelry and voila: a gorgeous line that blends east and west to perfection. Raised in New Zealand, Rosena was a practicing lawyer when New York City beckoned her. She obtained her Masters in Law at UVA in Charlottesville prior to starting her stint as a corporate lawyer in the Big Apple.

Jewelry design was always a hobby. Coming from a Sri Lankan Tamil background, she was always drawn by what she refers to as “majestic works of art.” Rich in culture and tradition, Rosena wanted to translate these to every-day wearable pieces. Borrowing inspiration from jewelry passed down from her mother, grandmother and ancestors, she set out to do just that by enrolling in Parsons and attending jewelry seminars. A trip to India in 2006 solidified her dream and her hobby turned into a business.

Each piece in every collection represents the perfect harmony of the east and west philosophies; they command attention in the boardroom and elicit awe at the party scene. Her latest Passage to India collection draws heavily from the book, “Passage to India” by E.M. Forster and draws the influence of different cities and their cultures.

With the help of young interns, Rosena is utilizing their influence to branch out into social media; she can be found on the likes of Facebook and Twitter. This plays an integral part of her marketing strategy in addition to having a great publicist and attending trade shows. The recession has prompted her to re-think her designs, making them more accessible and affordable to everyone. Her latest collection has pieces that range from $49-$500.

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Rosena concedes that, “designing, manufacturing, marketing and selling takes a lot of hard work and perseverance. It sounds glamorous but it is all about hard work and dedication. Being passionate about it keeps her going and others should pursue passionate goals in life.” -Swetha Amruthur

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