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Purple Shadow to Make Brown Eyes Pop

Bright, colorful eye shadow is a major trend right now and purple is one of my absolute favorite colors to play with. Here are different ways to accentuate your eyes using plumy shades!

I love mixing in bright colors and then smoking them out by using a dark eye shadow. To get this look you have to always start with a good primer, I use “Primer Potion” by Urban Decay. Then apply any purple shade all over the eyelid making sure not to get on the brow bone. The shades I like using are “Vibrant Grape” from Mac and “Ransom” by Urban Decay. After that step use a dark brownish blackish color to the crease making a “C” shape. I mixed Carbon and Soft brown by Mac, but you can use any dark shade that you already have at home. Then just Blend! Highlight the brow bone with a light beige shade like Rice Paper or Shroom by Mac. Finish this look with eyeliner (try Clinique’s brush-on cream eyeliner) and Zoomlash mascara by Mac! For a bolder look, apply false lashes, my favorite :)

Another look that I do with purple a lot is a three tone eyelid. This is a more challenging application but practice makes perfect! Start of by using a blue shadow on the inner eyelid, I used “Peace” by Urban Decay. In the middle, brush on a purple (Ransom) and then a black color on the outer edges (Carbon by Mac). Once all three colors are applied Blend blend blend! Add highlighter (Shroom), eyeliner, and mascara and you’re good to go!

The last look here is requested by a lot of my clients and that is the green and dark purple lid. When applied the right way, this looks stunning! I got that color green by mixing “Humid” by Mac and “Graffiti” by Urban Decay. You can also use your own green and apply it to the lid. Blend in the crease using “Ransom” from Urban Decay. Once you apply the crease color, add a little brown in it like “Cork” by Mac. Finish the look with a goldish highlighter “Night Sun” by Nars, eyeliner and mascara!

On a daily basis on myself, I often use Ransom all over the lid and blend it into the highlighter on the brow bone. I skip using an eyeliner and go straight to using just mascara to give a softer more natural appearance. Try brushing on a plum shadow on the lower lid for a different, unique feel or use a purple eyeliner in the inside waterline to really make your eyes pop!


Saleha Abbasi is one of the few elite makeup artists in the Chicago land area. She is known for creating spectacular eye makeup for her clients filled with exotic colors and designs. Founder of Goddess Makeup, her signature eye makeup makes her brides and party goers look and feel heavenly.

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