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Lasting Eyeshadow for Desi Skin

MAC Purple Haze

One would be surprised at the science involved in basic knowledge of makeup. As an artist who custom blends foundations, concealers and powders for skin tones ranging from the traditional Irish pale complexion, to the ebony tones hailing from Nigeria, and everything in between, it’s really quite intriguing. For instance, not that purple eyeshadow is in at the current moment, but if you recall from last year’s end, taking off your vibrant violet hues to reveal reddened eyelids underneath. This is because out of all the colors of the spectrum, purple is the only one that is not found naturally in nature. It is created through blending of synthetic materials, and therefore leaves one’s skin a little bit irritated. Worry not, though, there are no known harmful effects of donning purple eyes.

Just be sure to use a great eye primer before applying shadow (as you should with any color else the color won’t pop to its full potential nor last more than thirty minutes), such as award-winning Urban Decay Eyeshadow Potion (be sure to pat in to the eyelid using your finger so it’s no longer chalky), or MAC Paint in Bare Canvas for daily wear. Just remember to apply your shadow while the primer is still sticky, so it acts like glue.

Have you ever decided to be daring for a night out and pulled out that black eyeshadow you only otherwise use as eyeliner and apply it to your whole lid for that super sexy, biker chic look (kudos to you!), and noticed that your lids turned a shade of navy blue within a couple hours? Here’s something I’ve learned through years of experience of trial and error. Try first layering your lids with a shade of orange eyeshadow to counteract the blueness. Now you can rest assured you will go black and never go back.

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10 thoughts on “Lasting Eyeshadow for Desi Skin

  1. really purple is not found naturally in nature? what about plums…and grapes?….or quartz? im so confused

  2. Purple… you’re joking right? That doesn’t suit south asian complexions unless you are extremely fair i.e. kasmiri tones.

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  5. Great site, where did you come up with the information in this piece of writing? I’m happy I found it though, ill be checking back soon to see what other articles you have.

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