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Poof! You’re an author for Sapna Mag

At Sapna, our new year’s resolution is to bring our publication closer to our readers. We want to know everything about you! We want your comments on our articles and on our Facebook Fan Page. Contact us with article ideas and blog tips. Are you an aspiring model? Submit to our Model Gallery. Are you a budding writer? Upload an article.

The 'upload an article' link now appears on every page. Click it to send us your original writing.

That’s right: now all Sapna readers can submit articles with just one click. If you look at the top right of any page, you’ll see our internal search engine. Beneath that is a link that says “upload an article.” Just click the link, fill out the form and hit “submit my article.” It’s really that easy!

Our new year's resolution: to truly reflect the South Asian American community. Photo: Katherine Wright.

Submission tips:

• Choose topics that are relevant to the South Asian American demographic. You might find inspiration in current events, fashion updates or arts and entertainment news.

• Revise your article so that it is polished, accurate and grammatically correct.

• Follow the directions on our form to ensure your submission is accepted.

• Read and agree to our Standard Terms and Conditions for Writers before submitting. (Using our online form indicates that you have read and agree to our terms.)

• Direct any questions to contribute[at]

So get to it! Your public awaits. —SAPNA STAFF