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My Makeup Bag: All About the Eyes

We’re constantly being bombarded with ads promising some miracle in a bottle, but we all know the best advice is the tried and test expertise of a close girlfriend. It’s time to dish on your faves inside your make up bag. Let us know what’s the must have you can’t live without! Email sapnamag[at] and don’t forget to attach a pic!

“One make-up product that I simply cannot leave the house without has to be MAC Concealer Studio Finish SPF 35. After those late nights of burning the midnight oil at work or studying for that hard exam, theres nothing like dabbing on the concealer all around your eyes for a fresh, vibrant look. I recommend to go one shade lighter than your skin color and to blend it well with your foundation. It will give you an even-toned, radiant complexion that will surely fool anyone into thinking youve had 8 plus hours of beauty sleep! ” — Shraddha

” I cant live without my eyeliner by Bobbi Brown Long-wear Gel eyeliner. Its this great eye liner that glides on very smoothly and is easy to use. If you use this eye liner the ultra fine eye liner brush from Bobbi Brown is a must. Its water proof and I swear by the black shimmer color when its time for a night out. Its a very small container but it has lasted me almost a year! ” — Rimi

” For those of you with green or hazel eyes, make your next purchase the Pearl N 12 eye shadow, from the Sephora Colorful Mono line. This shade is the perfect blend of purple, pink and gold. It looks fantastic on brown skin, and will make your evergreen eyes pop! I never leave home without it. Mesmerize men with your glance by placing a small line of shadow under your eyeliner, and watch the magic unfold. ” — Sangya