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Make Over: Balancing Books and Beauty!

When it comes to fashion, the motto here at SAPNA is “keep it real and keep it you”. No image is more heinous in our minds than a herd of Macy’s mannequins. Yet, studies have shown that taking care of your appearance directly affects your mood and confidence. Feeling good about the way you look can make you more focused and confident, so you’ll contribute more at work and school. It’s amazing, the power of a little lip-gloss and powder!

SAPNA surprised one of our favorite readers with a makeover. Between balancing her neuroscience major, executive boards of her favorite clubs, friends, family, and work, Tania* didn’t have much time to waste on herself. We surprised this remarkable young Desi woman with a little special treatment.

Check out our first ever, SAPNA makeover.

Skin: Tania already had great skin. So we covered up any small imperfections with Vincent Longo’s Crème concealer in Sienna #5, followed by a brush application of Prescriptive’s Flawless Skin foundation in Tawny 29 Y/0. The secret ingredient in getting this flawless skin fantasy to last was Prescriptive’s “magic”, a powder that feels wet when you put it on, in Deep translucent #4.

Eyes: Tania has very unique eyes with small lids, so we covered her entire lid area all the way to the brow in Covergirl Shadow Squeeze in latte chocolate 430. Going from no make up to dramatic eyes was too big a step for a first timer and would not work with her intense schedule, so we opened up her eyes with Christian Dior’s DiorShow mascara and curled them up with a standard eyelash curler.

Cheeks: To give her a warm healthy look, we used Bobbi Brown’s Milk Chocolate #5. Simple and most effective trick with blush is to smile and apply to the balls of your cheeks, then suck in your cheeks and apply a diagonal line going up from the initial indent to your ears. Proceed to blend like there is no tomorrow.

Lips: One of our favorite enhancer products is Victoria Secret’s Plump Lip. Get it in Ice (clear), and apply it at night as an intense moisturizer and under your lipgloss. For Tania, we combined the Plump Lip and used the Bobbi Brown Milk Chocolate #5 for a great full, natural look.

Clothing: We put a more updated twist on Tania’s already established style. She likes to keep it casual and conservative. So we went with layers and cuts she still felt comfortable in, but added a small splash of color with a bold red necklace (Charlotte Russe) to show the new side of this wonder woman. – NATASHA KHAN

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