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Look Hot in the Heat: Summer Beauty Don’ts

Every summer we get bombarded with all the hottest looks and trends for the new season, but sometimes we forget to put away the trends from the last. Here are some simple rules on what not to do with your makeup this summer.

Foundation Overload. When the phrase “House of Wax” comes to mind, it should only conjure up memories of a bad Paris Hilton movie, NOT the condition of your face. Summer heat can do a number on foundation, causing it to look oily, greasy, and un-natural. Use oil free foundation, use it only where you need it, and if your skin does not need high coverage, go with tinted moisturizer.
Try: Smashbox Backdrop Cooling Tint SPF 15

Eyeliner Meltdown. Unless you’re going for the Goth look, tuck that pencil eyeliner in the back of your caboodle case this summer. Pencil is more likely to smudge, run, and ultimately disappear. Better options? Go with liquid or gel eyeliners. Your eyes will stay alluring from brunch on the beach to shopping before dinner. Extra bonus: they come in waterproof, unlike most pencil
Try: Maybelline Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

Mascara Surplus. From Jennifer Lopez to Jessica Simpson, long lux lashes were the trend of the year. But the coming of summer also means the entrance of natural beauty, aka leave the false lashes at home. Give your lashes a break; treat them right this summer by conditioning them. Go for a light conditioning mascara. Come on ladies, as sexy as the glam look is, it looks a lot better from a distance.
Try: Palladio Herbal Mascara

Hair in a Can. I don’t care if you’re from Jersey or Texas, big hair is not sexy this summer. Not only are you a walking fire hazard but your hair will be a wreck in the heat and humidity. Protect your hair against the season, don’t bring it to the front line. Go with UV enhanced leave in conditioners and where your hair naturally. You’ll thank me in 20 years when you still have hair to condition.
Try: Miss Oops Block Your Locks Finishing Spray

Forgetting the Sunscreen. Also the biggest don’t this summer is probably the most obvious. Don’t forget your sunscreen! Find some great oil free moisturizing facial sunscreen and rock it under all your make up. The magic serum that helps you combat wrinkles and skin cancer in one shot.
Try: Neutrogena Sunblock, Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch SPF 70


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