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Look Hot in the Heat: Summer Beauty Do’s

Summer means warmth, summer means freedom, summer means fun, sunshine, vacations and everything else that vacations entail. So this summer, check out these fresh new picks for the season’s hottest (and most pleasant) makup and skin care products.

1 Brazil Nut Moisture Mask You may love the sun, but the sun doesn’t love your hair. Replenish it from the drying effects of too much sun with this moisture rich magic potion. With a myriad of organic oils and a touch of honey, this concoction will keep your hair soft, shining, and healthy throughout the summer (and the rest of the year too, if your hair is regularly dry or chemically treated).

Price: $12.50

2 Prescriptives Illuminating Liquid Potion We always thought this was our little secret until we realized it was a nationwide best seller. This liquid potion contains holographic pigments that reflect light just perfectly enough to give your skin an amazingly natural and flawless glow. Try it once and you’ll see in-stantly why it’s so popular.

Price: $30

3 Demeter Fragrance Library: Summer Vacation Mmm…Smells like summer. Scents are the strongest link to your memory (and heart), so if you enjoy the pleasant nostalgia of days on the beach, sun tan lotion, and other familiar summer aromas, this stuff is for you. Great as a light daytime scent during the hot months and even better when you’re in the mood for a whiff of lei-surely memories.

Price: $18

4 Clinique Moisture Sheer Tint The last thing a girl wants in the sticky heat is a thick coating of foundation. Since an even skin tone is a must, Clinique has developed this fantastic sheer formula that’s light and refreshing rather unlike most foundations. It’s filled with sunscreen, so it’s great for the summer and has just enough of a color tint to leave your skin glowing and you confident.

Price: $26

5 Dior 2-Color Eyeshadow This summer is all about bright and colorful make up palettes; bless Dior for making these eye shadow palettes that are oh-so-perfectly suitable for our desi skin tones. Use both colors at once to create a daring and sexy look. The darker tone is for creating shadows and the lighter yellows are for highlighting and illuminating.

Price: $30

6 Crest Whitening Expressions Refreshing Vanilla Mint Toothpaste
on the Sapna Product Picks list, you ask? White teeth are always a must and daily maintenance with whitening toothpaste is easier than the bleaching process. Actually, it’s really just up here for the fresh vanilla flavor. You don’t realize how sick you are of the strong mint flavor until your taste buds experience the van-illa. You’ll be excited to brush your teeth, we promise.

Price: $2.99