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Jerseylicious Redefines Guindian

The Style Network’s Jerseylicious has redefined the term “guindian,” which refers to Indians in Jersey that have an appreciation for Italian-American culture. Now you can also use it to describe Italian-Americans that have an appreciation for Indian culture! The show, which revolves around make up artists and hairstylists in Jersey, decided to expand their portfolio by doing a Bollywood photoshoot. Recruited was SAPNA’s favorite Jersey girl, Tina Sugandh.

Sugandh featured some behind the scenes photos on her Facebook fanpage!

Photo Credit: Josh Lynn Photography

After the shoot, Tina hired the Jerseylicious gals to do hair and make up for her music video shoot for “So Good.” The best Jerseylicious line of the show came from head MAU, Alexa, who in an effort to contribute to the “So Good” theme of the shoot, exclaimed, “What about a mirage? You’re in a club and you look over and say, ‘Oh my god, was that an honor killing?'”

Check out the video for “So Good” featuring Fat Joe! In a dance music scene full of leotards and and over the top make up, Sugandh brings back the midriff and sexy club beats. The song has a catchy hook with true bhangra representation.

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