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Jay-mania: UK’s #1 Desi Heartthrob Hits U.S. Shores

He walked up to us with an easy stride. Even in the large entourage of Diesel jeans and spikey gelled hair, he immediately stood out. His charisma was magnetic.

He had just wrapped up his first concert in DC, but luckily for me, had made time for one interview. The large venue which had been filled with screaming fans just an hour before now set the stage for an intimate interview. I noticed his boyish smile, as he introduced himself and easily slid into the seat next to me. I had just asked my first interview question, when I heard a shrill scream to my right.

A concert goer had come back for something she had forgotten in the music hall. She stood frozen, overwhelmed with her close encounter. Her camera flashed several times, she continued screaming, and all the while, my interviewee gave me a bashful smile and never lost eye contact as he finished answering the question. I guess that was just a day in the life of UK pop sensation, Jay Sean.

(Ladies, please insert cute British accent while reading.)

SAPNA: When did you know you wanted to go into entertainment?

JAY: I wasn’t trained until I started recording. When I was 13, myself and my cousin, Pritpal Ruprai, started to write and produce hip hop. I think our first rap was about my uncle.  As we got older, 16 and 17, our music took on more serious issues with a witty and humorous approach. We started making amateur demos. It was all hip hop but I remember, I went to karaoke one night, and sang “End of the Road” from Boys II Men. This American guy came up to me and was like, “hey there kid, you’ve got talent”. That inspired me to put more focus toward my love for R&B.  I was on on track to pursue medicine, but my demo found its way to Rishi Rich. He is an amazing producer who has worked with Craig David, Ricky Martin, Britney Spears. I got a record deal and the rest is history.

SAPNA: Who do you look up to in the Music Industry?

JAY: Eminem, because he is still as hardcore as he was before. He was white trying to make it in a predominantly black industry. I related to him because I never let the color of my skin hold me back. My other inspirations are Darnell Jones, Eric Benet, Musiq Soul Child, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson. I have alot of Indian musicians I look up to also.

SAPNA: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

JAY: In 5 years, I want to still be in the music business, but producing, managing new artists. I would like to be settled down with a girl who understands the business and the life I have to lead. Maybe a lil Jay running around, I love kids.

SAPNA: You know our readers want to know…are you single? What do you look for in the opposite sex?

JAY: At the moment, my life is ridiculous, and my focus is on music.

But I look for attraction, someone who can be my best friend, call them when something good happens or when something bad happens, someone I can kick and chill with. I’ve been out with some beautiful girls but that element wasn’t there. And also, I like some booty, I don’t like stick thin girls, I like a girl who can eat.

SAPNA: If you weren’t doing music, what else do you think you could be doing?

JAY: Probably go back into medicine, but I would be sitting there writing prescriptions and wishing I was writing songs instead.

SAPNA: You’ve wrapped up your first tour in the states and you’ve gotten the opportunity to travel all over the world. Have you ever thought of moving to America or living outside the UK?

JAY: I always thought I would, but home is home. I have to admit though, I love Vegas. It really is sin city, it’s like a toy town.

SAPNA: What’s the best or craziest present you have ever gotten from a fan?

JAY: There are some classics, thongs and knickers. Oh, and they were used by the way.

SAPNA: What is the best thing about your fans?

JAY: My fans’ loyalty is ridiculous. Sometimes I see the same faces at each concert. It means so much to me.

For more information about Jay Sean check out, or

— INTERVIEW BY Natasha Khan

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