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Indie Fashion Model Behavior

With her dark skin and deep set eyes,’s newest model, Rubal Kahr, mesmerized us.  A recent UC-Davis grad, she is the first Indian model to be featured on our favorite indie, vintage inspired clothing site. What do you think about these “on trend” looks modeled by the Bay area beauty?

Work Week Chic

Get the look on Acorn-ucopia Dress, I’ll Bead There Cardigan, Rose Tea-Strap Heel, Upwardly Mobile Satchel in Cambridge University, Portable Pet Ring

Blind Date Betty

Get the look on Simply Put Dress, Persimmon Persuasion Cardigan, In the Knit of Time Socks in AM, The Old Bow and Chain Necklace, Soft Serve Heel.

Interview with Anna Wintour

Get the look on Game of Chance Cardigan, Do You Remember the Time Dress, Stepping Into Style-Webs Socks, Symphonic Winds Heel, Lily-putian Earrings, Watch ‘n’ Soda

Sun-day Brunch with the Girls

Get the look on Musical Stairs Dress. Tip Off Heel, Magnificent Magnolia Necklace, Road Rays Sunglasses, Never Felt This Way Hat.

LA Sample Sale

Get the look on How Do You Denim Jacket, Butter Me Up Top, Sailor Away Shorts, With Purpose Wedge, Easy Commute Bag, Butterscotch Sweet Sunglasses.

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Disclaimer: Natasha Khan, Editor in Chief of SAPNA, is employed by SAPNA was not given compensation for this post.

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