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Holiday Heat: Winter fashion promises romance

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Curious about the Eva Khurshid fashions that sizzled in this shoot? Read on to discover the details behind this up-and-coming line. Article below reprinted from Fall Issue 2009

The mutual struggle to find stylish clothes that matched their conservative upbringing led Nyla Hashmi and Fatima Monkoush to take the next logical step: create the EVA KHURSHID line.

Named after their grandmothers (Eva is Fatima’s maternal grandmother and Khurshid is Nyla’s paternal grandmother), this line is a reflection of their inner-self, as women, as Muslims, as designers. It’s all about feeling good about ones’ self; being sexy yet confident; being strong yet feminine. They have set out to create their own identity and make their mark in the fashion world.

Being South Asian and Muslim, they have worked to transcend culturally set barriers yet have remained true to themselves. Encouraged at a young age by their mothers, they set out to make their own clothes that they would often sport in their early high school years. Being true visionaries, they noticed a whole market that was not catered to and decided to capitalize on it by offering other women who were in a similar predicament more fashion choices. They have received strong encouragement from the community and are inspired by people just like them.

EK states, “it is not easy when you are balancing working full time and starting a business. We have sacrificed a lot for our business.” They pursued their friends and family for investments and have been relying on them to get through on an emotional and moral level. They took every step as a learning experience to better themselves. They wanted everyone to have something that they can wear right off the rack instead of having to alter and layer pieces. Their upbringing served as the sole reason for them to build this brand into something other women could connect with. ”This was the perfect balance to our South Asian heritage where finding beauty within music, art, dance, and literature is ingrained in the culture.”

Each Eva Khurshid piece is classy, timeless in a creative/stylish way that can be carried from day into the night. Trends are not the norm and they have a certain je ne sais quoi quality about them. Nyla and Fatima believe that being sexy is a state of mind and one has to dress to please themselves first and foremost. Being noticed for dressing well definitely goes a long way in boosting one’s self-esteem.

Their line is for the modern woman designed and created by Muslim women. An Eva Khurshid woman is a modern, career-oriented, confident, fashionable showstopper!

They are aggressively marketing their line via their website, trunk shows, and direct customer contact. They are in talks with a few high-end department stores to have their lines displayed there. An accessory line and a men’s line is also on the books in the future. —SWETHA AMRUTHUR

Photography credits:
Art Director Mariam Kamal
Art Production Manager Aziz Hasan
Photographer Bianca Alexis
Stylist Elle Horton
Makeup Hope Choman
Hair Mischa Gobie
Models Rashi Stephens and Naqib Ahmed
Special thanks to Jane and Cathy Virga of Tandem Bar in Brooklyn, New York; Nyla Hashmi and Fatima Monkush of Eva Khurshid New York

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