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Fix Every Beauty Flaw

Let’s face it – flawless, natural beauty is a rare commodity. Yet, each model sports a gorgeous set of eyelashes, perfect skin, and unrealistically strong hair – all of which are provided by stylists, extensions, and creative airbrushing techniques. Much like the make up artists who work with celebrities to disguise their flaws, we must look at our flaws as an artistic venture allowing us to apply unique problem solving skills. But, to ease the creative flow – Sapna has compiled this list of fabulous beauty tips to help you maintain your gorgeous looks.

Skin Solutions

Remove the Redness
To reduce the redness of a painful pimple, apply a clay mask, containing antibacterial sulfur, onto the pimple before going to bed. Do not do this more than twice in one week, otherwise it will cause your skin to dry out. Recommendation: Mint Julep mask by Queen Helen

Freeze a Zit
Since ice causes blood vessels to temporarily shrink, applying ice to a pimple as soon as you see it well help reduce its swelling and redness.

Aspirin to the Rescue
Crush one aspirin tablet, mix it with water, and apply it to your pimple. The salicylic acid in aspirin is the same as that used in blemish products.

Heal Dry Skin
For those of you with excessively dry skin, apply baby oil to your body BEFORE you towel off. The opportunity to stop the evaporation of moisture from skin lasts only three minutes after a shower.

Ashy Elbows
To rid yourself of dry elbows during a good night’s sleep, cut the toes off a pair of socks, coat vegetable shortening on your elbows, and slide the socks up over your arms. Remove in the morning. (Vegetable shortening is so potent, medical practitioners have been known to recommend it for treatment of eczema).

Hair Health

Treat it Like a Baby
To control a flakey scalp during the winter, apply baby oil to a wet scalp right before bed. Leave it in overnight, and wash it in the morning for a healthier, moisturized scalp.

Frizz Control
For curly hair, take a clean toothbrush and spray it with hairspray – and then use it to sweep the frizz back, away from your hairline

Grease Alert
If your hair appears greasy due to an overload of hair products, spray the roots with oil-absorbing powder or a little aerosol hair spray (the alcohol will dissolve the excessive grease).

Rejuvenate Products
Hours after painstakingly styling your hair, keep it fresh by wetting your palms slightly and running them lightly over the top of your hair to reactivate the styling products.

Control the Waves
For those with wavy hair, rinse your hair with a concoction of 1 tablespoon of honey mixed with two glasses of water. Then, pin your wet hair in a high bun on the top of your head before going to sleep to create smoother waves, and more body.

Flawless Makeup

Raccoon Eyes
Apply a good, white tea based eye cream before bed and in the morning. It prevents under eye circles as well as promotes a healthy eye area.
Recommendation: Neal’s Yard Remedies White Tea Eye Gel 0.34floz

Seeping Lipstick
Trace just outside your lips with a sharpened concealer pencil that matches your skin tone, then blend with a cotton swab. This prevents bolder shades of lipstick from seeping outside the lips.

Brighten Eyes
To create brighter eyes around the eyelids, dot concealer from the lashes to the crease, blend slightly. Then apply a dot of highlighter at the inner corners of the eyes (this creates an illusion of bigger eyes as well).

Even Skin Tone
Always apply moisturizer before applying foundation. Then, choose a foundation that evenly matches your skin. Apply with either a brush or a sponge (try not to use your fingers) and then blot it with a dry makeup sponge to remove excess makeup and create a refined, even skin tone. Recommendations:Bobbi Brown and Laura Mercier

Higher Cheekbones
To create the illusion of higher cheekbones, apply a nude blush (with a slight bit of sparkle in it, actually try Wet N’ Wild – as strange as that sounds) right under your cheekbones, and then apply your preferred shade directly on to your cheekbone.

Aside from these quick-fix tips, the key to a healthy glow is consuming exorbitant amounts of water during the course of the day, and taking up at least one hobby that keeps your mind at ease.– BENISH SHAH

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