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Dil | Contributor

A suitable match is desired for a pretty, domesticated, accomplished Punjabi Brahmin, 25, B.S, M.S, Financial Adviser from a respectable family. Decent, fair complexion, does not smoke or drink, occasionally vegetarian.

That’s the bio my parents would send. Here is what I am really about,

I am a 25 year old Advertising Executive (not a Financial Adviser), I am not sure why my parents have started lying about my job. I work and play in NYC and I am a Leo (Roar!). I am a doer not a planner. I spend a lot of time shopping for things I don’t need for the off chance that I might need them one day. I own over a 100 dresses because one day I’ll vacation on my boyfriends yacht. I am not a perfectionist in fact, I am farthest from a perfectionist you can get. I like mess, I like messy things and messy people. I think there is beauty in a disaster. I’ve had a series of unsuccessful relationship, one of which almost ended in marriage, but then the inevitable happened, he cheated on me. So goes the story of Dil.

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