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Dating Websites: Readers Weigh In

Indian matrimony websites boast about their 500,000 matches that ended in marriage. We at Sapna wanted to know what our readers think about this new way of meeting your mate and if they ever consider taking it off-line.

“My husband and I met on two and a half years ago. Jeremy turned to because he wasn’t someone who drank in bars (best place to pickup women apparently) and wasn’t in college (where you normally meet lots of people). I went on as a bet/dare with my roommate. We weren’t expecting to find life part-ners… it just happened that way.” – Payal and Jeremy, FL

“I personally know five now-married couples that met on They’re all well-educated (engineers, doctors, scientist, accountant, professor, and in IT), good looking, and most of them were born and raised in the US. Two couples have had kids, one couple has one on the way, one couple’s still working at it, and another is still in their honeymoon stage. Another good friend of mine met her soon-to-be fiancé on They’re so good for each other. So, I wouldn’t write-off online
dating sites.” —Christine Antony, 23, Philadelphia

“I personally wouldn’t do it,…if other people do that’s cool. I would rather meet…face-to-face because to me, I am a firm believer of the fact that a person’s body language, facial expressions, eye contact etc…tell a lot. Basically, actions speak louder than words.”– Karen, 25, Minneapolis

“My experience with it is that you have to live in the right place, and find people who are willing to treat it with something more than just curiosity or a place to hook up. Only for people who are really interested in getting married if all things work out right.” – Kumar, 25, Portland

“There are some sketchy guys on there. I would never consider it
unless I was desperate.” – Roopa, 21, Texas

“My husband and I met on about three years ago. I was 24 at the time and he was 31. I am all about finding some-one on the Internet. With people busy with school and jobs it is so hard to meet that perfect someone. At first, I was totally embarrassed for being online, and I used to lie to my friends when I met guys on there. Now, it seems all of my friends are online (especially because of me) and the stigma has gone away.” – Neha Patel, 27, NJ


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